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Terms of Use



Our products provided is a copy of a virtual file that changes the original look of the Minecraft: Java Edition virtual game in different versions. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and Mojang AB and is not included. The product provided is owned by us, and he or any part thereof may NOT be redistributed with any ₁changes; additions, removals, regardless of quality or source, unless permission is granted by the owner or in the event that it (₁) occurs for personal use only. Any technical problems caused by third parties and/or consumers will NOT be our responsibility, but we will assist you in resolving them if necessary. Any problems with our product made available by our official sources will be ₂resolved as soon as possible or if the consumer wishes, a refund will be made. In addition, you can report the problem to us at our official contact sources and if deemed our responsibility, it (₂) will be performed. Any promised content that is NOT delivered through our official sources gives the consumer a refund possibility; please contact us at any official contact sources to refund. All of our content, including content being sold, is subject to change without notice. By downloading or using any part of our software you agree to these terms, which are subject to change at any time without notice.




Any of our content that may be found on the Internet is owned by us, and public ₃distribution and/or the declaration of our property as yours and also receive credit for our work by hiding our brand and name in order to gain its own advantage is PROHIBITED, unless it is (₃) permitted by us.




The charge is made by a third party website that describes the amount, form and when the money will be charged, therefore we have no responsibility for improper charges, amounts and at times NOT described, so in any cases or questions related to this the responsible is the third party site where our content is displayed and sold.

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