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The Skyline Project is our latest project, where we aim to add realistic cars to Minecraft using .OBJ models and high-resolution textures that are sure to impress even the most demanding players.

Although the cars will not have functionality in the game, they will be an incredible addition for players who are looking to customize the look of their worlds in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, the Skyline Project is currently just a test because it takes a lot of time to model each car, texture them, and integrate them seamlessly into the game. Our team is small, and we are already busy with ongoing projects. However, if we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback, we may consider continuing with the project.

We greatly appreciate all the support we have received so far. Every word of encouragement motivates us to explore new possibilities and take the Skyline Project to an even more exciting level. We are grateful to all the players and fans who have been following our progress and encouraging us to keep going. Whatever the final outcome may be, we are thankful to be part of this incredible community of Minecraft players and enthusiasts. Thank you very much for all the support! :)

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Get the Mod

You can download it through the button below or from our Patreon page (no need to subscribe to any tier).

  • Realistic OBJ models

  • 1.19.2 Version

  • PBR materials

  • Textures up to 4K resolution


*Experimental mod, requires a decent computer.

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