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Minecraft realistic house interior



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Modern Architecture Mod

The Modern Architecture mod was developed to push Minecraft limits, with high quality models and textures, giving an amazing look to modern interiors. This mod blends perfectly with the ModernArch Resource Pack.



This is a mod that adds realistic furniture to Minecraft and has shader support. Models in OBJ format were used, which are different from those conventional ones used in Minecraft, which have several restrictions and are far from being realistic. All models are detailed and high quality, with PBR materials and high resolution textures. It is a direct continuation of our old archviz mod. 

As it's a WIP (Work in Progress) project, every week we are bringing new content. This mod will have a variety of models such as beds, tables, chairs, potted plants, a complete kitchen set, utensils and much more. For now this mod is only for decoration, it is not possible to craft any of the items and they have no use other than decoration.
Creation Process
CC0 models (public domain) and a specific workflow were used to implement this. All the logical part was done with MCreator.
Credits: Poly Haven - Chocofur - MCreator

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Download Mod

Get the Mod

Interested in trying out the Modern Architecture mod? You can subscribe to plans through Patreon to get access to the textures.

To have access to all the textures of this mod, you need to become a supporter of our Patreon. You need to become a Tier 3 supporter ($10). In addition to receiving the mod, you still have access to all the other benefits like 3 resource packs, including our ModernArch resource pack that goes perfectly with it.

  • Realistic OBJ models

  • 1.19.2 Version

  • PBR materials

  • Textures up to 4K resolution

  • Weekly updates


This mod is under active development and therefore does not have all the content yet. Occasional updates add new content every week. 

You need the textures and the JAR file for the mod to work correctly. Check the installation guide.

*Experimental mod, requires a decent computer.

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